Relay 3500 Folder Inserter

Relay 3500 

Productivity and confidence is built in.

Eliminate the time-consuming task of folding and inserting your mail with the Relay 3500 folder inserter. Our simple user experience is designed on a tried and proven platform that enables you to finish up to 20,000 mail pieces per hour.  With accuracy and reliability built in, your team gains confidence knowing that your critical mail is getting out the door accurately on time, every time, without errors.



Flexible processing


Automating mail folding and inserting saves time and money.

Eliminate costly delays in mailing due to manual errors. 

Invoices, statements, letters, promotions and other correspondence are folded, inserted and securely sealed in envelopes, ready for mailing.

Automatically fold and insert up to two letter or legal sized sheets into a #10 envelope

Drive Sales

Speed cash flow

Easy to use

Reduce manual labor

Add a promotional insert or reply envelope to your communications to help grow your business.

Invoices get out faster. That means that your payments come back to you sooner.

All the controls are right at your fingertips with prompts in English or Spanish — clearly displayed on the control panel. 

Our system processes 3,000 pieces per hour and is six times faster than manual processing.

Sheet Feeder

Control Panel

Envelope Feeder

Designed for lower volume applications requiring only a single document type to be folded and inserted.

Invoices get out faster. That means that your payments come back to you sooner.

100 envelope capacity tray can handle a variety of envelope sizes.

Output Options

Standard Envelope Stacker

Optional vertical power stacker maintains print order and holds up to 500 finished envelopes.