High Volume Inserters

The simple way to increase productivity and accuracy.

Relay 5000

Relay 6000

The Relay 5000 uses the same reliable design as our flagship table-top inserter. Insert, fold and seal up tp 4,000 evleopes per hour using a simple straight paper-path. The Relay 5000 gives you all this in a small footprint, so the basic system can fit on a 60" inch table.

The Relay 6000 improves productivity with the optional highcap sheet feeders, each able to hold 2000 sheets. The Relay 6000 is capable of assembling up to 4,300 pieces per hour. You get enchanced speed and accuracy for your various mailing jobs. 

Relay 7000

Relay 8000

The Relay 7000 comes standard with a high capacity sheet feeder, that's 25% more than the Relay 6000. The Relay 7000 can also process letter and flats on the same job.It can assemble up to 5,400 pieces per hour, keeping you productive while delivering world-class accuracy and privacy for your mail.

For higher volume mailers, the enchanced chassis gives you 67% more throughput than the Relay 7000 - up to 200,000 pieces per month. The Relay 8000 inserting system can process letter and flat mail up to 5,400 pieces per hour. You get the peace of mind knowing your mail is completed accurately on  a reliable system.