PitneyShip Pro

Ship and mail smarter with PitneyShip™ Pro

Remove complexity and make smarter sending decisions with the PitneyShip Pro shipping and mailing solution.


Our cloud-based solution scales easily across your organization, allowing employees to create carrier shipping labels and print postage regardless of location. Real-time data provides better insights and visibility into your shipping activity, helping you save time and money on every package you send.

Compare shipping carrier rates and access discounted options.

Print carrier labels and postage right from your computer.

Print stamps and postage right from your computer.

Create Certified Mail® with electronic return receipt.

Features included in PitneyShip™ Pro 

USPS Commercial Based Pricing discounts.


Complete and required accounting capability with
account validation with password protection



Multi-location, multi-user
based reporting


Single Sign On (SSO) supported


Street level address hygiene

Enterprise level multicarrier access: UPS, FedEx, USPS


Enterprise-wide multicarrier reporting with near real-time analytics and reporting for USPS FedEx and UPS

Smart shopping comparison with USPS, FedEx, UPS based on delivery objective and cost in one view.


Automated residential identification

Print multi-denomination stamps on same
stamp sheet.


Rates include all assessorial and carrier fees including
fuel surcharges

Process eRR  with three workflows including Postage on a cover sheet saving $1.20 per piece in a closed loop process.


View and save electronic return receipt signature files.

PitneyShip™ Pro / Shipping 360 is a comprehensive shipping and receiving platform combining all essential services necessary to manage your complex shipping and receiving needs as well as to gainfull visibility into your postal and shipping spend.

1. Sending –

 Print stamps, Certified Electronic ReturnReceipt and shipping labels for all your carriers.

2. Receiving –

Track inbound letters and parcels for full traceability across the shipping network, right up through the last 100 feet to the recipient.

3. Lockers –

A wide variety of configurations are available,including shipping, receiving and even refrigerated lockers,all of which can operate both inside and outside of your facility.

4. Analytics – 

Gain valuable insight into all aspects of yourshipping utilization. Monitor spending, review inbound/outbound volume or consult historical shipping patternsto better understand how and when you ship.

5. APIs –

 Easily integrate Shipping 360 into your currentshipping infrastructure. The rich API set lets you seamlesslymerge its capabilities with your current shipping andreceiving solutions.

Our user-friendly Mailroom User Agent interface is the entry point for all mailroom activity. Offering detailed analytics, and the system helps employees process, track and monitor all ingoing and outgoing packages. Standalone stamps can even be printed using stamp sheets or stamproll stock.

Helpful how to's:

Creating a domestic shipping label in PitneyShip Pro