Compare PitneyShip Pro to Enterprise

The four features we have in common are USPS stamp printing & meter discounts that saves $0.05, USPS Commercial Based Pricing discounts, Multi-location, multi-user based reporting, and Street level address hygiene.

So what is different?

Pitney Bowes ProShip offers Enterprise level multicarrier access: UPS, FedEx, USPS only offers USPS and UPS (as an option) only. FedEx air only as air packs

PitneyShip Pro offers Smart shopping comparison with USPS, FedEx, UPS based on delivery objective and cost in one view. offers No rate shopping in a simple list
fashion, you must look at each carrier separately

PitneyShip Pro has the ability to print multi-denomination stamps on same stamp sheet. can  print multi-denomination stamps only on the PC installed version. Not available in the cloud.

What this means to you is if you have multi-users at different locations, this would require a paid version for every location. 

PitneyShip Pro clients have access to Rates that include all assessorial and carrier fees including fuel surcharges.

Not available on

PitneyShip Pro offers complete and required accounting capability with account validation with password protection. has NO account validation with password protection .

PitneyShip Pro offers Single Sign On (SSO) supported. Single Sign On (SSO) IS NOT supported. 

PitneyShip Pro offers consolidated financing and payments for all carriers, billed monthly. only offers monthly billing for consolidated financing and payments for all carriers ONLY USPS  and on a case-by-case basis.

PitneyShip Pro offers Automated residential  identification. DOES NOT offer Autotmated residential indentification.

PitneyShip Pro offers Enterprise-wide multicarrier reporting with near real-time analytics and reporting for USPS FedEx and UPS. offers real-time analytics and reporting for USPS Only  in Enterprise License

PitneyShip Pro offers ability to process e Return Receipt with three workflows Including Postage on a cover sheet saving $1.20 per piece in a closed loop process. processes E Return Receipt  utilizing a
3rd party ONE workflow only.

PitneyShip Pro offers Ability to view and save electronic return receipt signature files. requires Via a 3rd party one at a time to view and save electronic return receipt signature files.

PitneyShip Pro offers Unlimited users and locations subscription-based offering, no per site fees in a multi-location enterprise environment charges a flat fee per location. What this means to you is everytime you add a user or location there will be additional charges.