Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto

SendPro® C Auto
Why SendPro C Auto is the right automatic postage machine for your business
Simple to use.
Fully Automated
Rate Changes and Savings
Multi-carrier options
Easily navigate menus and select options with the device’s 7" color touchscreen display.
Automatically process and seal up to 120 letters per minute. Reverse separation feature minimizes jams.
Automatically pay the correct amount and save 4¢ on First-Class® postage and up to 40%* off Priority Mail®.
Easily access USPS® services and upgrade to access and compare services from FedEx® and UPS®.
* Priority Mail savings based on a 10lb, Zone 4 shipment.
Handle batch mailing quickly and easily.
Batch printing First-Class postage has never been faster or easier. But the SendPro C Auto is much more than an envelope postage printer. In addition to printing First-Class postage, it can help your business track mailing costs across your organization and offers access to discounted shipping labels, too.