Turn raw data and white paper into engaging communications




Make more of your mail
 with color and messages
at your finger tips

  • Print color to create more engagingcommunications - import or design your own.
  • Print relevant messages - get on first-name terms with your customers.
  • Print intelligently targeted cross-sell messages to improve response.
  • Insert personalised, data-driven charts and graphs.
  • Include engaging customer messages alongside crucial integrity marks.






Multi-Channel distribution

Automated document  distribution so you can contact  customers the way they want.

• Email
• Fax
• Mail
• Post to web
• Automatically archive PDFs of
• Automatically create metadata
to digitally archive documents
within an electronic document
management system. 



Customer driven data privacy
is hardwired with integrity marks. When you combine it with an inserter, you can achieve whole new levels of data privacy.

• 2D barcodes
• Intelligent Mail Barcode
• Data for file-based processing.
• OMR/barcode technology so that inserters and the software work together seamlessly.
• Protection for your brand with
accurate and consistent messaging


The only raw materials needed are white paper and envelopes. No pre-printing, no added expense, no running out of particular formats or messages. Just print what you need, when you need it.

• Reduce preparation time.
• Ensure the address is printed
accurately to get the full USPS discount.
• Consolidate multiple mail items
to save cost.
• Use machine readable fonts.
• Position addresses accurately
in the window.
• Streamline the whole
mailing process.