Pitney Bowes MailCenter 3000

Pitney Bowes SendPRo P3000
Take Control of everyday challenges.
Reduce costs and simplify mailing, shipping and receiving workflows with an automatic office mail system designed for high-volume mailing and shipping.

With the Weigh-on-the-Way® feature, sorting mixed-size mail is no longer necessary.The P2000's high-volume automatic feed-and-seal feature delivers speeds of up to 310 letters per minute, while the large color touchscreen display makes it easy enough for anyone in the office to use.

Not only will you work faster and smarter, you’ll reduce spend with carrier-compliant integrated access to USPS®, UPS® and FedEx® services—at rates not available at the Post Office or carrier stores.

The SendPro P3000 is much more than an ordinary postage meter solution. It’s a fully automatic office mail system with the speed, capacity and features you need to get business done.

The office mail system built to be reliable and deliver savings.
Feed and seal technology
Touchscreen display
Multi-carrier access
Forget sorting. Proprietary Weigh-on-the-Way® processes stacks of mixed-size mail with correct postage applied to each piece.
Automatically feed, seal and print postage for mail up to 3/4" thick at up to 180 letters per minute. Reverse Separation minimizes jams.
Complete tasks quickly and accurately with a 10.2" color touchscreen and easy-to-follow menus. Presets speed common tasks.
Compare carrier services and ship packages at discounted rates using your USPS®, FedEx® and UPS® business accounts.