USPS® is implementing New mailing technology
requirements in 2024

What is IMI (Intelligent Mail Indicia)?

The intelligent mailing indicia is the next generation of metered indicia technology, designed to ensure all
your metered mail meets the current USPS compliance guidelines. It provides the highest standard of integrity and security to ensure information is securely transmitted to and from postage evidencing systems (PES). It captures real-time data with correct postage, down to Service Class and special fees, making mail flow more effciently.

How can Universal Business Solutions help?

To ensure your organization can continue to process metered mail without interruption, we encourage youto speak to your account representative today to learn how Universal Business Solutions can help you meet the new 2024 USPS mailing technology requirements.


Universal Business Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of care and service, offering even more value, and allowing you more ways to save and send.


We are dedicated to consistently bring you innovative sending solutions with our SendPro® devices that are

IMI-compliant  allowing you to quickly and easily process large quantities of mail, access discounted postage rates, automatically download USPS rate changes and accurately track spending.

Why is the USPS making the change?

The new IMI standard will provide much more detailed real-time transaction data, enabling the USPS to:



Employ better

security standards

Ensure correct postage is used

Below are the most popular models set for decertification:

Mailstation/Mailstation 2





SendPro C 200s

SendPro C 300s

SendPro C400s


Neopost IN750 
Neopost IN700

Neopost IN600

Neopost IS480 - Hasler IM480

Neopost IS460 - Hasler IM460

Neopost IS440 - Hasler IM440

Neopost IS420 - Hasler IM420

Neopost IS400 - Hasler IM400

Neopost IS350 - Hasler IM350

Neopost IS330 - Hasler IM330

Neopost IS280 - Hasler IM280